7 Free And Easy Exercises For Flat Feet Care

Exercises For Flat Feet
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7 Free And Easy Exercises For Flat Feet Care

Please, raise your hand if you want to learn a way to improve your flat feet/fallen arches condition. Do not misunderstand me, at first I didn’t mind having flat feet at all, but when the pain started and I had no other choice than to quit running, it did bother me. I had never felt so frustrated in my life, therefore, I went to a couple of podiatrists for help.

I must confess that, in the beginning, I didn’t care what the reasons for the pain were. What I needed, what I truly required, was a way to be able to run again. Thankfully, I gradually began to learn about my feet and the answer to my predicament came, later, in the form of orthotics and light exercise. The excellent news is that I’m going to show you how to do these exercises for flat feet for free. By doing them regularly, your feet and ankles will gain the flexibility and strength they need to get your arches back and forget about the pain.

You only need a few minutes a day and, if you combine these exercises with the use of insoles, you’ll notice astounding results after just a couple of months. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Workout: Easy Exercises For Flat Feet Care

We’ve gathered a few exercises that have worked the best for us. You don’t need to do all of them every time, but the first 3 are an excellent warm-up sequence. I would suggest you test all of them and once you’ve tried them all, pick five you prefer and stick to them. You should do them daily or, at least, every other day to achieve maximum results, and you must do them while standing on your feet.

1. Toe Raises

For this exercise, you should first verify that your feet are flat on the floor and, after that, raise your ten toes up and move them back to the ground. Repeat 12 times.

Flat Feet Exercises: Toe Raises
Toe Raises

2. Toe Raises And Spreading

While in the same position raise your ten toes from the ground and spread them apart when they are at the highest point. After a few seconds lower them and repeat 12 times.

Flat Feet Exercises: Toe Raises And Spreading
Toe Raises And Spreading

3. Heel Raises

Raise your left heel from the floor so you feel the ball of your foot on the ground. Now roll your feet from side to side and repeat 12 times with each foot.

Flat Feet Exercises: Heel Raises
Heel Raises

4. Feet Rock & Roll

This exercise is designed to increase the flexibility and strength of your ankles. While standing with your feet flat on the floor, first roll them inwards and next rock them outwards to stand on the outside of the feet. You should do 12 repetitions.

Flat Feet Exercises: Feet Rock
Feet Rock

5. Calf Raises

Calf raises are one of the best flat feet exercises, and its purpose is building strong ankles. As you may observe in the photo below, the heels are pointing inward when in the top position of the calf raise. It is normal to hear cracking sounds around the ankle joints. This will get better as the mobility of your joint improves. Repeat 12 times.

Flat Feet Exercises: Calf Raises
Calf Raises

6. Shorten Your Feet

This exercise will improve the flexibility of your foot’s arch, and you’ll do it while standing with your feet flat on the ground. Elongate your toes along the floor and, after a couple of seconds, pull them towards you, keeping them on the ground. You will notice that your arches rise a bit, however, it is essential to stretch your toes. Go back to the starting position and repeat 12 times.

Flat Feet Exercises: Shorten Your Feet
Shorten Your Feet

7. Toe Tapping

The last of these exercises for flat feet is an all-around activity. It will improve your toe flexibility, coordination and muscle strength. First, raise your toes from the floor and, after that, tap your big toes on the floor while the others remain raised. Now try the same, but tapping the little toes instead. Afterwards, raise all your toes from the floor and place the big and little toes down, keeping the middle three raised. You should repeat this sequence 12 times with each foot.

Flat Feet Exercisest: Big Toes Tapping
Big Toes Tapping
Exercises For Flat Feet: Little Toes Tapping
Little Toes Tapping
Flat Feet Exercises: Big And Little Toes Tapping
Big And Little Toes Tapping


If you do these exercises for a couple of months while using your orthotics, you’ll witness astonishing results in no time. In conclusion, your feet will feel relieved and, as a consequence, you’ll start feeling happier. I can’t describe to you how wonderful it felt going for a run after nearly six months without doing much more than walking. I even cried.

Have you ever done any other exercises for flat feet? Please, use the comment section below to share them with us. You are welcome to write your doubts and the improvements you experience. Thank you for reading and sharing. Let’s save your feet!

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7 Free And Easy Exercises For Flat Feet Care