▷ ASICS Kayano 21 Running Shoes Review

ASICS Kayano 21 Review Left
ASICS Kayano 21 Review Left
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▷ ASICS Kayano 21 Running Shoes Review


The Good

  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Good for those with wider feet
  • Rear foot extra support

The Bad

  • Clunky and heavy
  • Very colorful (bad for some)

ASICS Kayano 21 Running Shoes


People in need of a strong and sturdy shoe.


  • Comfortable and supportive shoe
  • Great for exercise and long walks
  • A bit big and clunky
  • Great for rear foot support

I have struggled with many foot issues during the years – hi plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis! At some point, my podiatrist told me that hypermobility was the cause of my tendonitis and tendon and ligament tears. Essentially, my joints are overly flexible and move too much. In consequence, if I wear a flimsy or weaker shoe, I’m more susceptible to these problems. Thus, she recommended a shoe with a much sturdier sole and with both a good cushioning and a firm support. The ASICS Kayano 21 was the one I was looking for.

When it comes to running shoes, the Asics Gel Kayano 21 are relatively expensive but they offer a good return on investment. They manage to allow this thanks to 3 key points: comfort, stability and protection. With efficient materials and components, the experience gained is largely enjoyable. Furthermore, the design is appealing for modern runners who want a little style whilst also benefitting from the basics.

ASICS Kayano 21


In the ASICS Kayano 21 I have found a supportive shoe that matches the above recommendations. It manages to provide comfortable cushioning at the same time alongside extensive support. The fabric of the top also makes for a breathable shoe that protects you from blisters and discomfort while exercising.

The ASICS Kayano 21 are a pair of shoes that you can wear for long periods of time. I’ve worn them both on runs, on the elliptical on the gym, and all day when I know I have a heavy day of walking ahead of me. Unlike other shoes, with them I’ve had no long-term issues and I’ve been free from blisters, soreness, etc.

The width of these soles also plays to my personal advantage. The forefoot shoe space is luxurious and, for someone with wider feet than most, I don’t get the usual rubbing along the side of my feet that I often get.


My main issue with these shoes, and with many ASICS shoes in general, is the color scheme. About the bright colors, I have to say I don’t mind them while running. Still, because the shoes are comfortable while walking around, I wish the colors were a bit quieter and versatile for social wear.


Especially for those with rear-foot issues, the ASICS Kayano 21 are a great pick. My podiatrist told me about a good rule of thumb to use before buying new shoes. You have to pick them up, take one hand at the front of the shoe and one at the back, and essentially try to twist the shoe. For most of us, the best and most supportive shoe will be the one that twists the least. For people with pronation issues, this type of shoe is an excellent fit because it offers extra stability and durability. In consequence, compensating what our feet and gait lack.

ASICS Kayano 21


I’ve only had the experience of wearing these shoes doing a minimal activity. They have indeed been great for coming back from an injury but, if I was in serious training, I would consider combining them with a lighter pair.  The reason is that, for speed training, they would be a bit too heavy and I would prefer a lighter pair for short workouts to supplement longer runs.


Based on a standard running shoe size scheme, you should find it easy to find your size quickly regardless of gender. In terms of shaping, these shoes are perfect for those with medium-sized feet because the width is not too small but not too large. To allow for the natural curve of the foot, these shoes offer a semi-curved shape.


With each step, these Asics provide good support as a result of the FluidRide feature with extra cushioning. As the midsole has a springy feel, the foot moves efficiently through the gait cycle and even the toe-off can be enabled nicely. Additionally, dual-density foam is used within the Dynamic DuoMax Support System to keep the foot stable. As the arch is held comfortably, there is little chance of the foot rolling inwards.

As the foot lands, the weight is then absorbed due to the Gel Cushioning System which utilizes a silicon-based unit. Thankfully, each step is more comfortable for the rear and front of the foot. Finally, more cushioning is provided with the Comfordry X-40 Sock Liner. With a moisture-managing system, the platform can stay cool and dry.


In the most important areas of the shoe, Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber is used. With this in mind, there is less chance of wear, tear and damage from friction and continued use. As an added benefit, it can even provide reliable surface traction.

Located in the forefoot, a blown rubber is used called ‘DuraSponge’. With this in place, the forefoot is more comfortable and protected and liftoff becomes easier. As Flex grooves can also be found, there is a forgiving nature to the shoe with the movement of the foot. When the foot is ready to toe-off, the shoe will flex accordingly.


For many, the upper shoe is vital because some can feel restrictive and the Kayano’s upper is great thanks to its FluidFit technology. This tech uses a multi-directional mesh that stretches and fits perfectly around your foot. Also, the Asics Gel Kayano 21 differentiates between some sections fused with the main frame and other stitched sections. As they are connected to the lacing system, they will pull and release when the laces are adjusted.

Finally, an external heel counter called the ‘Heel Clutching System’ keeps the back of the foot in place. Often, the removal of shoes can present a problem but this allows stability during this process.

ASICS Kayano 21 Running Shoes Video Review

Following, you can watch a full video review of the ASICS Kayano 21. Cathy and Greg discuss their opinions about the newest Kayano running shoe. As I have already said this shoe is a perfect fit for overpronators seeking the best cushioning. Watch this video to learn more about the ASICS Kayano 21 and share your impressions with us.


When it comes to terrain the ASICS Kayano 21 are one of the most versatile shoes I’ve tried. They certainly have enough support and backend sturdiness to be worn on the trails, but they can be worn for running on roads and the track as well. The multi-uses make this a cost-effective shoe that can be worn for a few hundred miles and be used in various terrains and weather conditions. Finally and most importantly, this shoe will save many of us from further injuries.

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▷ ASICS Kayano 21 Running Shoes Review