How to Pick the Best Girls or Boys Snow Boots

best boys snow boots
best boys snow boots
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The best girls or boys snow boots are built to be worn in snowy conditions – on the street or at a ski resort in the mountains. Not only are these boots constructed to keep your feet warm, they offer protection from wind and moisture, as well. To make a successful purchase, you need to learn to judge a pair for these qualities.

Judging girls or boys snow boots for quality – the exterior

Snow boot uppers are usually constructed of heavy leather (Ugg snow boots are a popular example) or nylon – the right materials to protect in bitterly cold conditions. As tough as these materials are, though, they need special construction techniques during manufacture if they are to perform well.

  • Since water or cold air could enter your boots through the cuffs, you should look for synthetic or real fur lining there. This can form a kind of weather-stripping against your ankles.
  • Since slip and fall incidents are common in icy conditions, good snow boots come with soles that offer extra traction. Modern sole designs are made of highly flexible sticky rubber. The flexibility of this material offers two advantages for boots that are intended for use in the cold. It translates to greater grip, to begin with. Flexibility also allows the feet to move about in the boots. This permits heat circulation.
  • High-end snow boots often come with complex midsole designs. They use a plastic called EVA that is capable of excellent support and physical shock isolation. If you wear your snow boots all day, a good midsole design is important in keeping your feet ache-free.
best girls or boys snow boots
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Judging the inside

The best girls or boys snow boots come with plush inner linings. These offer comfort and insulation from the cold. Synthetic fleece and down (like the PrimaLoft material that is used in US military applications), surprisingly enough, are better than real fur. Real fur does not allow your skin to breathe. Your feet become sweaty, overheated and uncomfortable. Sweatiness, in fact, is a problem to beware of. Bacterial growth is a possibility in warm and moist conditions.

Whether a pair of boots offers multiple layers of insulation or just a single one, there are specifications offered on the label to help you judge the degree of warmth you may expect. Labels often refer to boot insulation as technical or decorative. The trimming on the outside is decorative – it does not warm your feet. Technical insulation is the material that actually keeps your feet warm. Insulation levels are expressed in grams. Boots with 400 grams of insulation are considered the warmest.

best girls or boys snow boots
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The extras to look for

Waterproofed snow boots do more than to utilize waterproof leather like suede or nubuck. They are constructed so that the very seams are sealed to lock moisture out. They use membranes like DWA and TPU for extra waterproofing protection, as well.

Most snow boot constructions only go up to the ankles. You could get higher girls or boys snow boots, though. While many models offer slip-on convenience, this is not a good idea. In a slip and fall incident, they could come off.

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