▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]

Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet
Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet
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▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]

What are Flat Feet?

The goal of this article is to help you selecting a new pair of sneakers from our list with the best running shoes for flat feet. But, before that, it is imperative to understand the importance of our foot arch and the effect that its shape has on us.

The arch of our foot is the natural shock absorption system of our body and is made up of the metatarsal and tarsal bones. These bones are bonded by tendons and ligaments and support our body weight while in an upright posture. Besides that the arch lessens the impact (and likewise injuries) that might affect our hips, knees, and ankles.

People with flat feet don’t have a distinct curve along the inner part of the foot and tend to over-pronate. This means the ankle twists inwards and your knees overcompensate by making an extra effort. This is something that can cause serious knee, ankle, and foot problems in the future.

Table of Contents

  1. The 10 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet (Men & Women Shoes)
  2. Running with Flat Feet
  3. Buying Tips For The Best Sneakers for Flat Feet
  4. Other Treatments and Remedies for Flat Feet

Note: Having flat feet is an important cause of concern for runners. The main reason for this is that, while running, the arch is supposed to support, on average, 3 times the weight of a human body. In consequence, wearing good running shoes for flat feet helps but is not enough. It is crucial to toughen our feet muscles and make them more flexible with the appropriate exercises for flat feet.

1. Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet (Men & Women)

With so many great running sneakers in the market, picking one pair can be a challenging task. To help you with that we’ve gathered in one place the 10 best running shoes for flat feet (aka best sneakers for flat feet). One of them or two (combining two pairs of running shoes has many advantages) will take care of your lucky feet for the next weeks/months. In case you want to check product prices, you can follow the links to the different models for either women or men.

1#. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

Best Shoes for Flat FeetBest Running Shoes for Flat FeetBest Shoes for Flat FeetBest Shoes for Flat Feet

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women Shoes <<

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 is the right shoe for those runners who have flat feet and are searching for a great, versatile sneaker. It will provide you the full package of high stability and comfort you need.

The advanced Adrenaline GTS 15 is still the Brooks’ “Go-To-Shoe” (also called “GTS”). Obviously, these are ones of the best sneakers for flat feet and offer great stability with the right amount of cushioning from heel-to-toe. They are specially designed for runners who want a shoe that offers smooth transitioning and a great supportive running experience.

PROS: These Brooks running shoes offer a balanced mix of cushioning and stability thanks to its upgraded Segmented Crash Pad from heel-to-toe. Its midsole restructured with BioMoGo DNA offers advanced cushioning. In conclusion, a versatile shoe for higher mileage or fast runs.

CONS: The fit in these flat feet shoes is a half size small, the heel drop might turn out high for some people.

2#. Saucony Guide 9

Best Sneakers for Flat Feetshoes for flat feet womenshoes for flat feet menBest Sneakers for Flat Feet

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women Shoes <<

The Saucony Guide 9 is footwear that offers more than most. Saucony’s latest shoe is far better than the older versions and delivers a smooth, swift and comfortable transition. This happens to be the 9th edition of the Saucony Guide line which is a mid-range stability sneaker from Saucony. The Guide 9 has been totally upgraded from the past editions and now is quite lighter. It is made for feet that need extra support, pronators and, obviously, for those with flat feet.

PROS: This is one of the best running shoes for flat feet in the market and provides exceptionally smooth movement thanks to its new sole.

CONS: Nothing negative in these flat feet shoes.

3#. Asics Gel Kayano 22

Best Shoes for Flat FeetBest Running Shoes for Flat FeetBest Shoes for Flat FeetBest Running Shoes for Flat Feet

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women <<

The ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 retains a great mix of stability perfect for those with mild to severe overpronation. The Kayano is still the ASICS main stability shoe and many major updates were made to its upper part to make it more comfortable. The outsole and midsole are still the same from the Kayano 21 and are synonymous with good cushioning and comfy movement.

The latest Kayano 22 comes with a great seamless upper and changes in the design of the heel counter. These changes provide a comfortable and pleasant appearance once the shoe is laced. The Kayano 22 is still a dependable sneaker with stability and good cushioning for running many miles. It is inarguably one of the  best running shoes for flat feet available for sale.

PROS: These supportive shoes provide  unwavering stability for those with minor to severe overpronation. With a remodeled and smooth “FluidFit™” mesh upper they comprise a daily trainer that is suitable for high mileage. The outsole and midsole offer smooth and soft transition. and maintain the Kayano tradition of performance and quality. Definitively, one of the best shoes for flat feet.

CONS: Nothing remarkable to criticize in these flat feet shoes.

4#. Nike Air Zoom Odyssey

▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]shoes for flat feet womenshoes for flat feet menBest Sneakers for Flat Feet

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women <<

The Odyssey is aimed at runners with flat feet who search for a shoe that offers lasting stability and a receptive cushioning underfoot.

The 1st edition of this sneaker blends a smooth upper with the sturdiness and rich cushioning that a runner wants in a stability shoe. This great combination provides a smooth ride and transition.

PROS: They are one of the finest flat feet shoes. These supportive shoes offer excellent support and stability, quality cushion for a smooth ride and responsive transition. The flywire and flymesh upper offer comfortable and safe fit for high mileage.

CONS: Nothing remarkable.

5#. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]Best Sneakers for Flat Feetshoes for flat feet womenBest Running Shoes for Flat Feet

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women <<

This is a great improvement over the former Wave Inspire 10. Though they have the same design for the midsole, the upper part of the Wave Inspire 11 looks like the low profile fit seen in the Wave Inspire 9.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 is a great looking athletic shoe that provides a smooth ride and exceptional responsiveness. Because of that, these trainers are highly recommended for those who overpronate with a low arch or flat feet. The platform delivers a light, steady, and speedy run.

PROS: Considerably upgraded upper fit, light when worn, provides much stability for rear foot.

CONS: The beefier lateral heel doesn’t lay down as well as previous versions. The price of these flat feet shoes is a little steep.

6#. Asics GT-2000 4

▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]Best Running Shoes for Flat FeetBest Shoes for Flat FeetBest Running Shoes for Flat Feet

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women <<

This is the fourth edition of the GT-2000 chain which is a line that sprung from the remains of the 2170 model. In ASICS’ wide line of stability shoes, this is a bit below the expensive leading Kayanos.

The Asics GT-2000 4 is designed to provide adequate stability to runners, especially those with flat feet. It is a perfect trainer for the fast runner who needs a sneaker for shakeouts. Additionally, thanks to its light design, it’s an ideal shoe for those who want to stay away from the regular heavier models in the market. Other remarkable characteristics of the GT-2000 are an outstanding cushioning and a great ride.

PROS: Its unwavering stability is perfect for minor to severe overpronators. It has a remodeled and smooth “FluidFit™” mesh upper. Globally, it’s a daily trainer suitable for high mileage. Its outsole and midsole offer a smooth and soft transition. It maintains the Kayano tradition of performance and quality.

CONS: Nothing remarkable in one of the best running shoes for flat feet.

7#. Nike LunarGlide 7

▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]shoes for flat feet menBest Sneakers for Flat FeetBest Sneakers for Flat Feet

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women <<

The Nike LunarGlide 7 is, without a doubt, one of the best running shoes for flat feet. Its design is perfect for runners who want a lightweight shoe and it provides a good blend of cushioning and stability to help overpronation.

This supportive shoe features a newly fixed up mesh and “Flyknit” upper blend. Its unique “Lunarlon” midsole foam was already present in the previous model. The LunarGlide 7 provides a secure, modified fit all while providing a responsive and smooth transition for a runner’s pace.

The shoe maintains the versatility and light weight from previous versions. This makes it ideal for those runners who need a little more stability in a racer or daily trainer without affecting performance. This new version of the LunarGlide remains the best since its launch as a result of the blend of the receptive “Lunarlon” pressure-mapped outsole/midsole and the new “Flyknit” upper.

PROS: It includes a newly made mesh blended with “Flyknit”  &”Flywire” upper blend  to provide a comfortable and secure fit. Its cushioning is of the best quality thanks to its “Lunarlon” foam midsole. It offers a good balance of cushioning and stability in a lightweight trainer.

CONS: A small increase in price (actually worth it due to the quality updates).

8#. Brooks Beast 14

▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]shoes for flat feet womenBest Sneakers for Flat FeetBest Running Shoes for Flat Feet

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women <<

The Brooks Beast 14 might not be the lightest workout or running shoe, but it is a nice selection for heavy runners who have flat feet (fallen arches). This motion control sneaker is also appropriate for worse cases of overpronators.

The material used in making the outsole is a rubber resistant to abrasion that offers lasting traction. Furthermore, it has Flextra rubber in the forefoot for smooth flexibility and HPR Green rubber that is eco-friendly for better-quality skid-resistant traction.

PROS: These Brooks running shoes offer unique comfort and long lasting, good traction with a great grip on the ground. It provides adequate shoe arch support for great control.

CONS: It is a fairly heavy shoe and it might not be suitable for runners who have wide feet.

9#. New Balance 860V5

▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]Best Shoes for Flat FeetBest Running Shoes for Flat FeetBest Running Shoes for Flat Feet

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women <<

This is the 5th edition of New Balance’s 860 shoe series. New Balance aims to give runners who want balanced support exactly what they need with this particular line. It comes after the 860V4 and there are many improvements in this model.

Generally, this shoe is awesome. It can be compared to an ASICS GT-2000 or heavier Brooks Ravenna line. It is definitely swift, but I keep this as footwear for building volume and running long miles.

The latest New Balance 860V5 is a reliable trainer that provides fluid movement maintaining the right support. This is is a necessity that can be hard to meet.

PROS: Its sole unit provides a breath of fresh air to the stability group of running shoes. It provides an exceptionally smooth ride. It is not expensive. Its design is aesthetically attractive with outstanding colors.

CONS: Uncommon wear on upper part of the shoe which might become a problem later on. The shoe weight might be a cause of concern to some.

10#. Saucony Omni 14

▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]Best Sneakers for Flat Feetbest running shoes for flat feetshoes for flat feet men

>> Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women <<

The latest edition of the Omni line doesn’t have many changes. It’s a unique shoe: it provides adequate support with a more reminiscent ride like a motion control shoe courtesy the 8mm drop.

With the POWERGRID having a more flexible and lighter ride and Saucony’s Support Frame and Arch-Lock offering a nice fit, this is a great shoe for fair and severe overpronators and runners with flat feet.

PROS: Exceptional design for a stability shoe. , a lot of support but lightweight, it offers a fitted and safe fit in the upper, very flexible.

CONS: Some had issues with the heel drop of these flat feet shoes, high price.

2. Running with Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, you may be wondering whether you can run and what the main problems would be and the biggest seems to be that you would over-pronate. Essentially, this means that, with every step, your legs and feet will go inwards. Of course, this can lead to injury but the best way to combat this is to find some comfortable running shoes. If they have been designed for flat feet, they will allow for stability and motion control.

Despite popular belief, running shoes for flat feet can be found quite easily as there are three simple factors for which you should look. Firstly, the toe box needs to be wide enough since flat feet are commonly wider and shouldn’t be cramped. Secondly, the outer sole should only bend in the toe area and not the arch. Thirdly, the heel counter needs to be rigid as opposed to flexible.

Injuries and Treatments

When you have flat feet, a number of other issues can arise including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, tarsal tunnel syndrome, tibialis posterior tendinopathy, and medical calcaneal nerve entrapment. With these various issues, there are many different solutions.

Aside from these problems, flat feet also leads to an overall pain and inflammation and there are a few methods of relieving this pain when at home. For example, rest is the best cure so get some ice and put your feet up to relieve the swelling. Although this will remove pain, you should visit your doctor if it becomes too bad and they will provide you will ibuprofen or another type of anti-inflammatory medication. After this, physical therapy can go a long way to tackling the root cause of the problem. If none of the above works and you still experience horrific pain, corticosteroid injections may then be suggested by your doctor and these should relieve inflammation and pain.

Plantar Fasciitis

Unfortunately, there is a relationship to be noted between flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Since the foot doesn’t reach the ground as it should, stress will hit the legs, hips, ankles, and even the back. After this, it can also lead to Achilles tendinopathy.

With the plantar fascia, this is a length of tissue that runs all the way from the heel to the ball of the toes. As it travels along the bottom of the feet, it has a main priority of supporting the arch and absorbing the shock in each step. When the support isn’t there, the plantar fascia is overstretched which is why it is such a big problem with flat feet. Because the arch has collapsed, too much strain goes on the tissue and tears will occur.

3. Buying Tips For The Best Sneakers for Flat Feet

During the last twenty years or so, there has been an increase in the demand for good running shoes for flat feet. Additionally, the need for track shoes of high quality has become very important in the shoe manufacturing industry. This increase in demand is the motive why all the big names in the running footwear industry developed new technologies that help runners with flat feet run comfortably and safely.

The main points to look at when choosing your new running shoes are supportstability, and motion controlSupport is very important to a runner with flat feet because it’s the main thing our feet are lacking. When going through technical specifications or reviews of shoes, if there is any hint of “added support” then you are on the right track. Stability is a standard term in the industry that applies to running shoes designed specifically for overpronation: every shoe brand has its own collection of stability running shoes. Finally, Motion Control shoes are a type of stability shoes designed for the worst cases of overpronation.


In order to achieve stability to prevent stumbling, a firm middle arch cushion is important. For those with flat feet in particular, some shoes will offer additional cushioning in the heel and front which enables better shock absorption and can go a long way to stop shin splints.


As mentioned earlier, those with flat feet over-pronate which sees the foot turn inwards too far. Every step we take, the knee over compensates when the arch collapses and the ankle has to twist. Therefore, stability is very much a key word as we saw with the cushioning previously. To avoid additional rolling movements, the feet need to be stabilized. With this in mind, motion-control shoes should be considered because these will offer the required support.

Motion Control Shoes

Where the arch should be, motion control shoes have an artificial bump to fix your feet into a certain position so that they have maximum support when running. Furthermore, they will have stiff heels and many other changes to correct over-pronation. Even when walking, you can feel the difference in the position of your feet. With this being said, not all flat-footed runners suit motion control shoes or feel comfortable with the positioning. For extra comfort, some shoes will have gel in the heel and ball areas.

Stability Shoes

As we have done more research on flat feet, shoe manufacturers have learned the main problems which is why they have designed shoes with dense foam under the arch. If your arch will collapse when running, extra layers of polyurethane will be stacked in the arch which allows for both support and stability. Since motion is then being limited, over-pronation can be corrected. Compared to the previous option, stability shoes are typically less bulky.

Extra Tips

  • As they specialize in feet, your podiatrist should have good ideas and they can attain the severity of the problem. Depending on your feet, they will give you running advice.
  • Always look at websites that offer comparison tools and then you can quickly compare two models.
  • When buying products in any genre, we tend to read the positive reviews and then make up our minds based on this. Instead, you need to get an overall opinion which also includes the honest reviews that offer some constructive criticism.
  • Finally, talk with some of your friends and family members to see if any of them suffer from the same problem. If so, they might be able to recommend running shoes for you.

In years gone by, flat feet would prevent people from exercising but this is no longer the case. However, you do need to be smart in choosing the right shoes to match your feet. Although you shouldn’t be thrifty, you also need to consider affordability because some options will require an investment. In all, be sure to weight up everything including comfort, support, stability, performance, affordability, and more.

In addition to that, bear in mind that everybody has their own needs. So, when selecting your new running shoes for flat feet, it is important to consider your own past experiences. One thing is for sure: there is not one set of feet identical to any others.

4. Other Treatments and Remedies for Flat Feet


As a common remedy, many people with flat feet like to try exercises. Because they only require a few minutes and can be done anywhere, you can just take your shoes off and either spend some time barefooted or toe running and tip toeing. As you do this, your feet will be forced to develop. At first, you might experience some discomfort but you should soon see improvements in your feet. In addition to this, there are also other exercises for flat feet that we recommend.

When sitting down, try fanning out your toes so there is a notable gap in between each toe. If possible, hold this for around 15-20 seconds before letting go. Over time, repeat a few sets of these and it can also be handy to get into the habit of pointing with your toes.

Next, this one sounds a little strange but it is extremely effective. Whenever possible, try and walk sideways because this will engage areas of your feet that have been lying inactive for so long. Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you should be walking through the mall like a crab but it can be helpful around the house and in the office.

Finally, walking in sand is incredibly effective because the ground will move beneath you. As it is rather unpredictable, no two steps will be the same and more areas of your feet will be engaged. Furthermore, your feet should become stronger and they will get better at absorbing shock.

Arch Support Insoles

In truth, flat feet can be caused by a number of issues such as bone deformity, obesity, or even just tight tendons. Regardless of the cause, one of the best remedies to provide relief to your whole lower body is a pair of arch support insoles. Whether you go for the whole shoes or just insoles, many products now provide superb support for the arch whilst allowing your feet to move. As the area is supported, your achilles’ tendons and posterior tibia will be relieved of tension.

Compression Foot Sleeves

Finally, foot sleeves are similar to insoles in that they relieve the painful symptoms by adding pressure to the heel and arch. If you buy a high-quality pair, the relief will be highly beneficial not only to your

Finally, foot sleeves are similar to insoles in that they relieve the painful symptoms by adding pressure to the heel and arch. If you buy a high-quality pair, the relief will be highly beneficial not only to your sole but also the fascia ligaments. Aside from the relief you will feel, there are many other benefits to foot sleeves including their affordability and the fact that you can wear them underneath your socks!

5. Conclusion

The price for most of the best running shoes for flat feet is over $100. There are less expensive alternatives, but bear in mind they won’t give you the best. In fact, it’s always preferable to buy good running shoes now than to pay doctors for the treatment of feet, hips, and knee problems later.

If you have very flat feet, you can include inserts for extra support. Owning good workout, walking, or running shoes will lessen your chances of injury and make you more comfortable. If you want the best running shoes for flat feet (that is, the best sneakers for flat feet), all the models stated above are worth considering.

Low arch or flat feet can result in another common foot problem known as plantar fasciitis. We have also written an article for you with the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. There you will find the best weapons to fight that painful condition.

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▷ 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2020]