Brooks Ravenna 6 Running Shoes Review

Brooks Ravenna 6 Review
Brooks Ravenna 6 Review
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Brooks Ravenna 6 Running Shoes Review

Brooks Ravenna 6








The Good

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Versatile and comfortable for long periods of time
  • Spacious

The Bad

  • Weak store-bought inserts
  • Lacking heel support
  • Only bright and bold colors

Brooks Ravenna 6 Running Shoes

$17.64CDN$ 40.49£57.77

Runners with flat feet/low arches.


  • Good for trails, rough terrain, etc.
  • Good for wide-feet as the forefoot area branches out
  • Cushion and shock support
  • Best to probably but in extra orthotics for additional support
  • Long-lasting and endurable

I had been an Asics loyalist for years before I tried on my first pair of Brooks. I had a teammate who had worn Brooks for many years, and we happened to be the same size. One day while travelling, we switched shoes to get a feel for a new brand.


Just walking around, I immediately could tell the Brooks Ravenna 6 were comfortable. The curvature of the shoe made for a smooth walking stride. I have wide and flat feet, and they offered plenty of both room and support. Needless to say, when I needed my next pair of shoes, I went right to the Brooks aisle.

The coined “moisture-management mesh” is a good material that allows the foot to breathe quite freely. For those going on long runs, while I would still recommend breathable socks, the shoe’s netting provides for a pleasant experience and simultaneously lowers the probability of getting a blister.

Brooks Ravenna 6 Review

The makers of the shoe advertise that the midsole materials proved 30% more cushioning than regular shoe materials. While I would have no real way of testing the veracity of the statement, I will broadly say that I noticed a significant difference when stepping into these shoes to try them on, as opposed to many others at the running store. I’m a firm believer in trying on many shoes when about to making a purchase, as it’s much easier to compare comfort and stability.


The Brooks Ravenna 6 are nice because they are pretty versatile for a pair of trainers. While I would not wear them repeatedly if I was doing serious road training (not because they are bad, but simply because there are better and safer options) they can be worn on a variety of terrain. They are not too clunky for road runs, they are not flimsy enough for the trails, they are, overall, just a good and robust shoe.


The downside to the Brooks Ravenna 6, and most shoes on the running market these days, are the weak inserts that come with them. I have custom orthotics, and to others with foot issues I would recommend and alternative insert. There is no incline at the heel, so especially rear foot injury victims should at least put in a gel cup if nothing else. However, I think this weakness spans pretty much all shoe brands these days, so I would not count it against the Brooks too much.

Brooks Ravenna 6 Review


The options for colors are limited for the shoe. And by limited I mean they are mostly incredibly bright and bold colors. If that’s your cup of tea, then you’ll be ok. But if you’re like me, and prefer more modest colors, then you’re out of luck. That being said, I’m always willing to sacrifice fashion for comfort and utility when it comes to running shoes.

Brooks Ravenna 6 Running Shoes Video Review

Our friend Travis from shot this great video review that can help you take a closer look on the Brooks Ravenna 6.


I have worn the Ravennas for a long time and would not put too many more miles on them. That said, considering how long I have had them I would consider them a pretty durable shoe. I’ve torn through other shoe materials in the past with much fewer miles and over a shorter period of time. And although I have certainly worn down the Brooks by this point, they seem to be able to endure a bit more wear and tear than other options.

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Brooks Ravenna 6 Running Shoes Review