▷ How Long Do Running Shoes Last? (4 Useful Tips)

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?
Running Shoes by Josiah Mackenzie
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▷ How Long Do Running Shoes Last? (4 Useful Tips)

People who have never tried serious running tend to think of it as a wonderfully cheap sport — you need nothing other than a pair of shoes and an open road. While the idea may seem to make sense on its face, it’s actually a myth. The average pair of running shoes, while it may cost no more than $25 or $30, is only good enough for occasional runners. If you’re planning on pounding the pavement an hour or so each day, you need far better quality at far greater expense.

Figures by the National Sporting Goods Association show that prices for running shoes have risen by about 5% each year over several years. Quality running shoes cost around $70 a pair today.

So, how long do running shoes last? If you run every day, your shoes won’t last you long — quality running shoes only last about 400 to 500 miles, usually. Worn shoes tend to have uneven support and can actually cause injury.  If you love running, you’ll need to prepare to spend on replacements regularly. Write the miles you run per week and we’ll show you how long your shoes will last.

My running shoes will last around:

Fortunately, there are ways that can help you prolong the life of your shoes. At the same time, there are some shoe habits that many runners develop that result in their shoes wearing out more quickly than they need to.

How long do running shoes last? 4 Useful tips to make them last longer

1. Don’t leave your shoes in the car or the garage

The cold of a garage in winter and the heat of a car can both damage the synthetic materials that shoes are made of. While heat can cause them to soften and expand, the freezing temperatures of an unheated garage can cause them to harden. When you put hardened or softened shoes on and pound on them, they are likely to offer you poorer performance and also suffer damage themselves. The idea, then, should be to store your shoes indoors each day at moderate temperatures.

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?
Worn out by Beverley Goodwin

2. Washing by hand and air drying — no machines

The tumbling action of a washing machine can be bad for shoes. It can break down the material. Using a tumble dryer is bad, too — not only will the tumbling action damage the material, but the heat will also destroy it.

3. Running shoes are for running only

Running shoes are more expensive than regular sneakers. To get them to last as long as possible and to give the material time to recover, it is always a good idea to not wear them once your actual running is done. Your shoes need rest, too.

4. Two pairs of shoes at once last longer than one pair

On the face of it, it may seem that keeping two pairs of shoes and using them on alternate days would make no difference over buying one pair of shoes at a time. This type of simple logic doesn’t work with running shoes, though.

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

The foam that running shoes are made of protects your feet by compressing with each footfall and absorbing shock. After the hammering that the foam in a pair of shoes receives with a day’s running, it can take it a full two days to recover to original form. If you wear the same pair each day, you’ll soon compress them to the point of no return. When you alternate between pairs, you’ll give the material time to recover. Both pairs, then, last much longer than they would by themselves.

Not only that, rotating your shoes lowers your injury risk and, at least for me, makes running even more fun.


As we’ve seen, the answer to the question “How Long Do Running Shoes Last?” depends on several factors but thanks to these simple tips you’ll be able to get the most out of your investment.

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▷ How Long Do Running Shoes Last? (4 Useful Tips)