New Balance 711 Mesh Running Shoes Review

New Balance 711 Mesh Review Front
New Balance 711 Mesh Review Front
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New Balance 711 Mesh Running Shoes Review


The Good

  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Good for those with wider feet
  • Versatile

The Bad

  • Lacking ankle support
  • Lacking arch support

New Balance 711 Mesh Running Shoes

$17.64CDN$ 40.49£57.77

Those who are looking for both comfortable and somewhat fashionable sneakers.

  • Comfortable and supportive shoe
  • Versatile for a variety of situations while practical
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Colors vary from bright to plain black and white
  • Lacks ankle and arch support


For those with foot problems, the struggle of finding comfortable and supportive shoes that are at all fashionable is all too real. Most running shoes, people with foot issues tend to prefer, are comfortable and supportive running shoes. However, today’s market for most of those shoes have bright, flashy colors, hardly suitable for nights out.

Despite knowing what I was up against, I was determined to find a comfortable sneaker that didn’t indicate that I was necessarily on my way to the gym, or that I had no fashion sense whatsoever (even though this is not entirely untrue). I wanted something that I could walk around while traveling in, would not look strange below jeans and that I could even potentially wear for a night out. I found all that in the New Balance 711 Mesh.

New Balance 711 Mesh Review


Black and white, not too flashy, and exceedingly comfortable for my wide feet, the New Balance sneakers have proved to be exactly what I was looking for. In addition to wearing them to walk around in, go out in, etc., I will also wear them for some physical activity. To be stressed: they are not running shoes, and I would not go running in them. However, to wear on an exercise bike, while doing a weight routine, or even some plyometric exercises, these sneakers can be used.

New Balance 711 Mesh Review


The downside, I have found, is that the cut is fairly low. Thus, with people with weak ankles, or who are suffering from ankle injuries, I would recommend a more supportive shoe around the ankle area. Further, the natural build of the arch is also not the strongest. I supplement the support with my customized orthotics, but the natural insoles to not do much to prop up the mid-foot.

For those with very strong and well-constructed arches, the lesser support may not be an issue. The included insert additionally comes with a “Heel Pillow” which does indeed offer an extra dose of rear-foot comfort.

New Balance 711 Mesh Review


Last of all, these shoes are incredibly lightweight. While this may not be some people’s preference, they’re exceedingly easy to transport and manage to give the entire body a much lighter feel.

New Balance 711 Mesh Running Shoes Video Preview

A bit more of information and details on the New Balance 711 Mesh from a New Balance employee.

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New Balance 711 Mesh Running Shoes Review